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Hair Restoration

Holistique Med Spa & Wellness Center

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Are you searching for a hair growth solution? If so, talk to Derick McConnell, FNP-BC, and the team of hair restoration specialists at Holistique Med Spa & Wellness Center about the treatments available at their Gainesville, Georgia, office. With the most groundbreaking hair restoration options available today, they help people restore the ability to grow hair on their head naturally. Call Holistique Med Spa & Wellness Center.

Hair Restoration

How does hair restoration work?

At Holistique Med Spa & Wellness Center, the team is dedicated to helping patients regain their ability to grow hair. With safe, transformative treatments, they give your hair follicles what they need to thrive. This means you get a full head of hair that you grow completely naturally. 

What hair restoration treatments are available?

Holistique Med Spa & Wellness Center offers two groundbreaking hair restoration treatments. 

Hair restoration with exosomes

Your body uses extracellular vesicles to communicate from cell to cell. Exosomes are a type of extracellular vesicle that contains mRNA, which your body needs to create protein, and other growth factors. 

When exosomes are applied to targeted locations on your scalp, they tell your hair follicles to grow hair while giving them the growth factors they need to thrive. This kickstarts your hair production while also preventing hair follicle shrinkage, which leads to less and thinner hair. 

Hair restoration with platelet-rich plasma (PRP)

Whenever you get injured, your body directs platelets — which exist in your blood — to the injury site. These platelets jumpstart your body’s regeneration processes. 

When you get a PRP treatment at Holistique Med Spa & Wellness Center, the process starts with your provider taking a small sample of your blood. They place this blood sample in a centrifuge, separating the platelets to derive the PRP. 

Then, the PRP gets injected into targeted locations across your head. As the platelets reach your hair follicles, they strengthen them. The PRP even has the power to heal hair follicles that have stopped producing hair, restoring them while giving them what they need to produce the thickest hair possible.

What is the hair restoration treatment like?

Before treatment, you talk with your Holistique Med Spa & Wellness Center provider about your hair goals so they can personalize the right treatment for you. Then, they numb your head to ensure you’re comfortable during treatment. 

Next, your provider injects either PRP or exosomes at the right locations on your scalp to best stimulate your hair growth and support the vitality of your hair follicles. Because this treatment is minimally invasive, there is next to no downtime. 

Some people need only one hair restoration treatment, while others benefit from multiple sessions to best support their scalp health. Your Holistique Med Spa & Wellness Center provider tailors your hair restoration program to you. 

For safe, natural hair restoration, call the office or make an appointment online today.